Parks Associates Releases False Alarm Whitepaper

New whitepaper developed in partnership with Essence addresses security system innovations enabled by smart home connectivity

A new Parks Associates whitepaper reports that home security consumers are looking for solutions to reduce false alarms as well as improve responses to triggering events like home burglaries, while new solutions are emerging for device manufacturers to address these needs. The firm’s consumer research shows 62% of security system owners report that their system triggered at least one false alarm over the past 12 months.

The newly released whitepaper, Zero Response Time – Security System Intervention, developed in partnership with Essence, addresses how improved monitoring solutions and active intervention techniques can improve accuracy in alerts and move security systems beyond detection to enhance the immediacy and effectiveness of their response. “Security system adoption has steadily increased in recent years, reaching 36% of US internet households,” said Chris White, Senior Analyst, Parks Associates.

“However, false alarms are a persistent problem, which can slow response and exacerbate existing gaps and traditional limitations in home security coverage. Solutions that improve detection and allow immediate intervention can help deter intruders, reduce property loss, and increase the value of the system overall.”

Advancements in security system technology have increased, and adoption has grown, particularly with affluent young adults and families. New sensors can detect external movement and internal home occupancy. New security solutions, enabled by smart home connectivity and remote control, can enable quicker automated notifications, more immediate and direct intervention, and a more effective system. “New solutions include smart security cameras with two-way talk, neighborhood safety apps that provide communal surveillance, and personal security apps that give users on-demand access to certified bodyguards and safety professionals. Companies will continue to incorporate new tech to overcome the limitations of the previous generation of security systems,” White said.

Tom Powers
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